22 Animal Friendships We Did NOT See Coming

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13. Deer Licks Kitten

This deer is playing mother to this kitten. It might not get any more adorable.

14. Horse and Cat Snuggle

This horse and this cat are total best friends. Watch them cuddle up in this cute video.

15. Boxer Puppy Befriends Cows

What happens when a young Boxer meets a group of cows? Find out now!

16. Pitbull and Rabbit

Pitbull and Rabbit
Who knew a pitbull and a a bunny would get along so well that the former would gladly give the latter a tongue bath?

17. Bird Feeds Dogs

Who needs a human dog sitter? This bird is doing a pretty great job at it, don't you think?

18. Puppy Comforts Cheetah

Best friends forever! Watch this video to see how a dog kept a cheetah company through some tough times.

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