22 Animal Friendships We Did NOT See Coming

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7. Puppy and Cheetah

Puppy and Cheetah
This puppy and this young cheetah are totally best friends. And we could totally look at this photo at all.

8. Pitbull and Deer

Well... this is adorable. Watch a Pitbull play with a deer and witness an unexpected friendship form.

9. Seal and Little Girl

A girl and a seal play around in this video. Watch what happens when she falls down.

10. Ducks Really Love Dog

These ducks won't leave this dog alone. It's very cute, and only a tad bit disturbing.

11. Cat Gives Pit Bull Massage

This kitten and this Pit Bull are totally best friends. Watch this adorable video now!

12. Piglet Loves Pit Bull

Piglet Loves Pit Bull
This piglet and this pit bull are totally best friends. And our hearts just melted a little.

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