14 Wild and Totally Crazy Tattoos

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6. Netflix Tattoo

Netflix Tattoo
This guy got a Netflix tattoo. That is serious dedication to the cause.

7. Mitt Romney Logo Tattoo

Mitt Romney Logo Tattoo
This guy got a tattoo of Mitt Romney's logo. ON HIS FACE.

8. KFC Double Down Tattoo

KFC Double Down Tattoo
Someone got a tattoo of the KFC Double Down. Really. Seriously. See for yourself.

9. Mark Barela Tattoo

Mark Barela Tattoo
Mark Barela loves Disney. Check out this unusual tattoo on his hand.

10. Little Mermaid Tattoo

Little Mermaid Tattoo
This is a real tattoo. It sure looks like someone is a big Little Mermaid fan, huh?

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