53 Adorable Kid Videos

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37. Girls Sings Frozen Song to Fight Through Splinter Pain

Totally. Adorable. Watch this video to see a girl distract herself from the pain of a splinter by singing a song from Frozen.

38. Four-Year-Old Has Existential Crisis

Young Paislee Harper has an existential crisis about turning four. It's a tough life.

39. Babies Eat Lemons for the First Time

This is a video compilation of babies eating lemons. And it's amazing.

40. Kids React to Old Computers

When kids encounter old computers, they react about as you might expect.

41. Child Falls Asleep Behind the Wheel

This child has fallen asleep behind the wheel. But his car shows no signs of being tired.

42. No Punching Over Pancakes!

A child learns a valuable lesson in this video: you cannot punch someone in the head simply because you want pancakes.

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