25 Most Passive Aggressive Notes Ever

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19. Tent Tenets

Tent Tenets
The people in this tent used THEIR OWN tent to share an aggressive note with the people who burned their ropes? But they wrote on their own stuff?

20. You Have No Talent

You Have No Talent
Stop playing the flute you talentless hack! Stop!

21. Pop Tarts

Pop Tarts
This murderous individual isn't wrong. Unfrosted Pop-Tarts are pretty terrible.

22. Get Cancer

Get Cancer
He needed help and you "ingored" him. He hopes you get cancer. Ouch.

23. Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch
Hey all you dog walkers who don't pick up the poop. They're watching you.

24. Dish Gnomes

Dish Gnomes
OMG! The dish gnomes showed up last night and magically cleaned up after your mess! How lucky you are!

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