23 Celebrity Children Who Look Just Like Their Famous Parents

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7. Solange Knowles, Beyonce, and Tina Knowles

Solange Knowles, Beyonce, and Tina Knowles
Okay, this trio is just crazy odd! Pair Tina Knowles with Beyonce and Tina looks like Solange. Put Tina Knowles beside Solange Knowles and suddenly Tina looks like Beyonce. WHAT SORCERY IS THIS!? (Oh, right. DNA.)

8. Lily-Rose Depp and Vanessa Paradis

Lily-Rose Depp and Vanessa Paradis
Lily-Rose Depp recently made headlines when she came out as sexually fluid, but before that she was turning heads as mother Vanessa Paradis' mini-twin. She probably got her father's dark and brooding nature.

9. Scott Eastwood and Clint Eastwood

Scott Eastwood and Clint Eastwood
Scott Eastwood is really Clint Eastwood in a time machine, you guys. We're convinced that Clint Eastwood will live forever and this is how. Watch for Scott to produce a clone of himself in the future and then we'll all have proof that this family is only capable of looking like one person. And we're okay with that.

10. Liza Minnelli and Judy Garland

Liza Minnelli and Judy Garland
So Liza Minnelli *might* have looked a little like a drag queen in her later years, but in her younger ones she looked just like her beautiful yet troubled mother Judy Garland.

11. Rumer Willis and Demi Moore

Rumer Willis and Demi Moore
Let's play a game. Is Rumer Willis on the left or the right of this photo? Which one of these people is Demi Moore? Celebrities who lookalike should not DRESS alike lest they confuse the masses.

12. Zoe Kravitz and Lisa Bonet

Zoe Kravitz and Lisa Bonet
When Zoe Kravitz looks at mom Lisa Bonet, it's like she's looking into a mirror of her future. And when we look at Lenny Kravitz, we get a little hot and bothered. Which is probably what happened to Lisa Bonet and how Zoe Kravitz came to be.

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