35 Questionable Parenting Moves

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13. College Prep

College Prep
It's never too early to prepare your child for college.

14. Tractor Ride

Tractor Ride
Geez, dad! Don't you know the kid is supposed to be REAR facing! Gosh!

15. Third Wheel

Third Wheel
Something tells us this isn't what people had in mind when they created "Take Your Child to Work Day."

16. Say Cheese! If You Can!

Say Cheese! If You Can!
Here's hoping this photo session was quick, right?

17. Smoke Buddy

Smoke Buddy
Doesn't even matter if this picture is just posed and not real. Putting cigarettes in kids' hands and taking pictures is the opposite of cool.

18. Smart Dad

Smart Dad
Just what your kid always wanted! A rabies souvenir from his trip to the zoo!

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