29 Totally Amazing Pranks

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19. iPhone 5 Prank

This prank is hilarious. An iPhone 5 glued to the ground thoroughly confounds passersby.

20. Man Pranks Morning Shows Into Believing He's a Chef

This person is not a real chef. But he fooled many morning programs into believing that he is. HA!

21. Yoga Pants Prank

We love this prank! It features a man and a woman asking bystanders to judge their rear ends, without giving away the fact that the former is a man.

22. Emma Stone: Pranked on The Graham Norton Show!

Emma Stone is led to believe in this clip that she'll be meeting the Spice Girls. Alas... she will not be.

23. Killer Clown Prank: YIKES!

This may be the scariest prank we've ever seen. Beware of the killer clown, folks!

24. Nick Cannon America's Got Talent Prank

Nick Cannon pranks his fellow America's Got Talent team members in this great video. Watch it now.

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