19 Times the Kardashians Have Been in Krisis

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6. Fur the Love of God!

Fur the Love of God!
Kim Kardashian has gotten in trouble herself for wearing fur. But she REALLY got in trouble in February of 2015 for dressing her daughter in fur.

7. FD... Hey Now!

FD... Hey Now!
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) came down hard on Kim for endorsing a morning sickness pill, Diclegis, without mentioning its side effects.

8. Rob Kardashian Gets Fat

Rob Kardashian Gets Fat
This would not really be news, except that his weight gain allegedly led to a fight with his sister, which prompted Rob to jet home prior to Kim marrying Kanye, which led to controversy over his status with his siblings that exists to this day.

9. Child of the Corn... Rows

Child of the Corn... Rows
Kendall Jenner didn't just wear cornrows for a shoot with Marie Claire. The magazine wrote that Kendall took braids to a "new" and "bold" level, angering those who take exception with the implication that Kendall Jenner invented the concept of cornrows.

10. The Downfall of Khlomar

The Downfall of Khlomar
We were really rooting for Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom. They really did seem so in love. But then the latter fell off the wagon, started using drugs again, cheated on Khloe and gave her no choice but to file for divorce.

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