27 Biggest Justin Bieber Scandals

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7. Justin Bieber Flips Out in London

The video here says it all. In March 2013, Justin Bieber totally went off on a photographer in London.

8. Justin Bieber Makes Anne Frank Into a Belieber

Justin Bieber Makes Anne Frank Into a Belieber
This was an odd on. In April 2013, Justin Bieber said he hopes Anne Frank would be a fan of his, somehow inserting himself into the history of this iconic individual.

9. Justin Bieber: Speed Freak!

Justin Bieber: Speed Freak!
In May 2013, Keyshawn Johnson alllegedly confronted Bieber. He went off on the singer for driving too fast.

10. Justin Bieber: Cheap Skate!

Justin Bieber: Cheap Skate!
In June 2013, Justin Bieber was banned from a laser tag facility because he didn't pay the bill in full.

11. Justin Bieber Pees in Mop Bucket

Yes, this actually happened. A drunk Justin Bieber peed in a public mop bucket.

12. Justin Bieber Spits at DJ

Justin Bieber Spits at DJ
What's up with Justin Bieber and spitting? He's accused in July 2013 of this gross act when arguing with a DJ in Chicago.

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