62 TOTALLY Adorable Dog Videos

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49. Puppy Time Lapse Video

A dog goes from a puppy to an adult in just 40 seconds in this fun video. Check it out now!

50. Puppy Amazed by Door Stopper

What is this amazing device?!?!? Watch a French Bulldog puppy grow totally fixated by a door stopper.

51. Baby Laughs at Bubble-Eating Dog

A baby is laughing at a dog eating bubbles in this video. It might not get any more adorable.

52. Dog Tries to Drink iPad Screen

This pug thinks this iPad screen is actually water. So, naturally, he takes a drink from it.

53. Dog Fears Cat, Stairs

This dog is scared to go down the stairs. Why? Because a cat is there!!!

54. Dog Freaks Out Over Duck in Washing Machine

This dog gets VERY anxious any time his favorite stuffed animal gets washed. Watch him react to that traumatic event now.

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