62 TOTALLY Adorable Dog Videos

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37. Dogs React to Human Barking

How would a dog react if a human actually barked at him? Find out now!

38. Dog LOVES The World Cup

Think you're a big fan of the World Cup? HA! Compare yourself to this dog.

39. Man Pens Song for Pit Bull, Gets Dog Kisses

This guy wrote an original song for his Pit Bull. Watch him sing it and watch how the pet responds.

40. Bulldog Meets Daughter for First Time

This English Bulldog is meeting his daughter for the first time. Yes, the introduction is as adorable as you'd imagine it to be.

41. Bulldog Meets Baby

This puppy is meeting this baby for the first time. Safe to say the encounter is going well, huh?

42. Corgi Can't Wait to Eat!

This Corgi is REALLY excited to eat breakfast. Like, super excited. Watch him celebrate now.

43. Dog Teaches Baby to Crawl

This video is as adorable at the title implies. We're not kidding: watch now as a dog teaches a baby how to crawl.

44. Labrador Celebrates World Cup Goal

This Labrador is a fan of Portugal. Watch him celebrate the team's tying goal against the United States in this video.

45. Dog Fetches Mail

What feud?!? This dog happily goes to fetch the mail in this awesome video.

46. French Bulldog Dance Party!

It's a French Bulldog dance party! Come on, cute little baby, join in!

47. Dog Greets Returning Soldier

A dog greets his owner in this video, having not seen the soldier for 6 months. It's moving, awesome stuff.

48. Formerly Blind Dog Sees Owners for First Time

This video will make you laugh AND cry. It features a formerly blind dog seeing its owners for the first time.

49. Puppy Time Lapse Video

A dog goes from a puppy to an adult in just 40 seconds in this fun video. Check it out now!

50. Puppy Amazed by Door Stopper

What is this amazing device?!?!? Watch a French Bulldog puppy grow totally fixated by a door stopper.

51. Baby Laughs at Bubble-Eating Dog

A baby is laughing at a dog eating bubbles in this video. It might not get any more adorable.

52. Dog Tries to Drink iPad Screen

This pug thinks this iPad screen is actually water. So, naturally, he takes a drink from it.

53. Dog Fears Cat, Stairs

This dog is scared to go down the stairs. Why? Because a cat is there!!!

54. Dog Freaks Out Over Duck in Washing Machine

This dog gets VERY anxious any time his favorite stuffed animal gets washed. Watch him react to that traumatic event now.

55. Saint Bernard Adores Kitten

This Saint Bernard is fascinated by this kitten. The feeling, unfortunately, does not appear to be mutual.

56. Guilty Dog Makes Amends with Baby

This dog steals its baby's toy... and then feels so guilty about doing so that he brings the child ALL THE TOYS. It's beyond adorable.

57. Dog Waits for Owner to Arrive Home

This dog simply cannot wait for its owner to arrive home. And we simply cannot stop watching him sit in anticipation.

58. Dog Passes Out from Excitement

This dog is SO excited to be greeting his owner that he actually passes out. It's amazingly adorable. Watch now.

59. Dog Sleeps Walks, Crashes Into Wall

This dog sleep walks (runs?) in this amazing video. He then crashes into a wall.

60. Dog Welcomes New Baby: HOORAY!!!

This Husky is SO excited to have a little sister. Watch how the dog reacts to a new baby in the house now.

61. Rottweiler Adores the Shower

This dog LOVES to take a shower. Good luck trying to get her out of that tub.

62. Puppy Rolls Over, Can't Get Back Up

This puppy has rolled on to its back and now cannot get up. It's the funniest thing we've ever seen.

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