17 Things Girls Say and Do When They're Drunk

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13. Drunk Girls Are Hungry Girls

Drunk Girls Are Hungry Girls
You know that thing when you're out drinking and then suddenly you MUST EAT SOMETHING IMMEDIATELY (but not lobster!?)? That.

14. Bathroom Break

Bathroom Break
Sometimes when girls get drunk, they get really, really open about their bathroom habits.

15. Best Night Ever

Best Night Ever
Doesn't this sound like it is the best night ever? It totally does, right?

16. Puke and Rally

Puke and Rally
Or just puke and pass out. Here's hoping one of your besties holds your hair back.

17. Scream And Shout

Scream And Shout
Everything is awesome when you're drunk, right!?! So you just need to scream about it! Let the whole bar know!

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