17 Terrible Children's Movies You Loved

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13. North

A young Elijah Wood takes off in search of new parents because he doesn't like his and ends up walking for two weeks straight across frozen Alaska because the sun never goes down and he never runs out of water or food and doesn't get tired and also WHAT JUST HAPPENED HOW DO I REMEMBER THAT?

14. Camp Nowhere

Camp Nowhere
As a kid? Camp Nowhere was THE BEST MOVIE EVER! Except for that whole trying to go on vacation with your three best friends and the entire school tagging along part.

15. Home Alone 3

Home Alone 3
Kid gets sick and mom leaves her MAYBE 6 year old home alone to go to a business meeting. He, meanwhile, protects the entire neighborhood with a bird and a remote control car. Nope.

16. Home Alone 4

Home Alone 4
What even is this? Why, French Stewart, WHY?

17. Every Ernest Movie EVER

Every Ernest Movie EVER
Seriously. All of them. They're all the same and they're all terrible.

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