17 Signs You Need a Vacation From Your Cell Phone

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13. Your Friends React Like This

Your Friends React Like This
It's probably time to put down the phone if your friends are ALL in the room with you and you're still staring at the screen.

14. Texting and Walking Is Hard

Texting and Walking Is Hard
If you've ever unwittingly walked in front of the paparazzi (or into a telephone pole) while texting, you might need a break.

15. Vertical or Horizontal Keyboard?

Vertical or Horizontal Keyboard?
You totally understand this First World Problem.

16. Anti-Social Behavior

Anti-Social Behavior
You just can't possibly explain to the people sitting at your table how amazing this conversation you're having with someone inside your phone is. They just wouldn't understand.

17. Excess Energy

Excess Energy
You can't sit still while talking on the phone. Put it down! Go for a run! Or a swim! Or...something! A VACATION!

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