30 Most Ridiculous Celebrity Baby Names of All Time

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25. Maxwell Drew Johnson

Maxwell Drew Johnson
Jessica Simpson named her little daughter Maxwell. Perhaps she is trying to overcompensate for giving her an old man's name by putting her in this bikini.

26. Destry

It's unclear if Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw's daughter Destry was supposed to be called Destroy (or perhaps Destiny) in honor of some of the film legend's greatest sci-fi works, only to suffer a birth certificate snafu for the ages. But we like that theory.

27. Banjo

Banjo, the son of Rachel Griffiths and Andrew Taylor, is not only named after a musical instrument, but probably the most absurd one to name a kid after you could think of. With the possible exception of oboe.

28. Destiny "Miley" Cyrus

Destiny "Miley" Cyrus
Yes, Miley's real name is Destiny ... which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but Billy Ray and Tish probably guaranteed she'd become a stripper someday with that moniker. Of course, perhaps no name could've prevented the train wreck that is the last three years of her life.

29. Saint West

Saint West
Yes, Saint West. You would have to be on crack to name your kid that if you were a normal person, but for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, mere royalty will not do. What's even grander and more iconic than a king? A F--KING SAINT.

30. Dream Kardashian

Dream Kardashian
Saint and North have a newborn cousin as of November 2016: Rob named his first-ever child DREAM Renee Kardashian. Yes, Dream. More like a nightmare ... and probably an even bigger one than his relationship with Blac Chyna at the moment.

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