21 Craziest Moments from the MTV Video Music Awards

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13. Moby Gets Mobbed

Moby Gets Mobbed
Eminem, for reasons no one's really sure about, decided he hated Moby. (Does Eminem need a reason?) He launched an attack against the techno-musician in 2002 complete with Insult the Comic Dog in his corner.

14. Threesome

It was the kiss(es) heard round the world when Madonna locked lips and tipped tongues with both Britney AND Christina in 2003. But since everyone knew it was coming, it was a little less than shocking.

15. Gimme (No) More

Britney Spears' 2007 appearance at the VMAs was supposed to signify her return to fame and stardom. Instead, "Gimme More" turned into Gimme NO MORE EVER and almost ruined her career.

16. Ima Let You Finish

But Kanye West had one of the douchiest and whackiest VMA moments ever when he interrupted Taylor Swift's speech in 2009 to rant about how Beyonce was better.

17. Nice to MEAT You

Nice to MEAT You
Lady Gaga rocked a MEAT DRESS in 2011 which will forever and always be known as the grossest, smelliest, worst fashion faux pas EVER.

18. Beyonce's Baby Bump

Beyonce's Baby Bump
Beyonce surprised the world with the reveal of her 5-months-pregnant baby bump at the 2011 VMAs.

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