35 Awesome Animal Videos

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25. Baby Bear Eats an Apple

This tiny bears eats an apple and takes a bath in this video. It's the cutest thing we've ever seen.

26. Woman Sings Elephant to Sleep

This video features a woman singing an elephant to sleep. It’s sort of weird, and also very cool.

27. Goat Walks Without Wheelchair

Yay for Frostie! This goat is now walking without the aid of a wheelchair!

28. Pig Humps Armchair

This pig is clearly very lonely. Look at him try to hump this armchair.

29. Bear Searches Freezer for a Snack

This bear is hunting around a freezer for something he likes. Looks like he's come up with a pie!

30. Goats Play on Horse

These baby goats are playing on this horse. And this horse is totally cool with that.

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