35 Awesome Animal Videos

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19. Tiny Hamster Eats Tiny Pizza

Prepare to totally melt. This is a video of a hamster eating a small piece of pizza.

20. Bear Rescues Cub from Highway Traffic

This awesome video depicts a mother bear rescuing her cub from oncoming traffic. Check it out!

21. Goat and Donkey: Total BFFs!

Watch this video to see a lonely goat refuse to eat and go outside... until his best friend arrives to live with him! It's unusually emotional stuff.

22. Seal Grows Concerned Over Fallen Girl

A girl and a seal play around in this video. Watch what happens when she falls down.

23. Baby Bears Fight, Are Adorable

The baby bears in this video are either fighting or playing. Either way: ADORABLE!

24. Jack Russell Terrier vs. Cobra

A Jack Russell Terrier takes on a cobra in this video. You may be surprised by who wins.

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