16 Tinder Pick-Up Lines That Somehow Worked

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Wait... these Tinder pick-up lines worked?!? Amazing.

1. Let's Eat!

Let's Eat!
Salad appears to be on the menu. It will soon be tossed.

2. Lemme Smash!

Lemme Smash!
I can do it better than The Hulk, I promise!

3. A Message to Remember

A Message to Remember
But will he provide a date to remember?

4. Show Me Your Butt!

Show Me Your Butt!
This guy does not beat around the bush when it comes to wanting some bush.

5. Props to You!

Props to You!
Props are one thing. But will she give it up as well?

6. Ready to Delve Deeper

Ready to Delve Deeper
And speaking of going deep... nevermind. Too easy.

7. A Rare Pokemon

A Rare Pokemon
We guess that's a good thing?

8. Prepared to Make the Plunge

Prepared to Make the Plunge
In Tinder talk, this is apparently known as "booking a cruise." That's amazing.

9. Hot and Ready!

Hot and Ready!
If you're hot, ladies, this user is ready!

10. Vin Diesel Quotes FTW!

Vin Diesel Quotes FTW!
Looking to pick up women, fellas? Look to Vin Diesel.

11. Trying to Be Alpha

Trying to Be Alpha
I just wanna clap dem cheeks, babe. Come on!

12. Don't Hurt the Baby!

Don't Hurt the Baby!
Someone should maybe tell her that there is no baby.

13. Dinner Before Kids?

Dinner Before Kids?
Or the other way around. It's up to you.

14. Wait... Someone Already Said That!

Wait... Someone Already Said That!
Be original, dude.

15. When Mars Meets Venus...

When Mars Meets Venus...
... this happens, apparently. We love it.

16. Let's Cuddle

Let's Cuddle
Correct: let's cuddle HARD.

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