27 Tattoos These Celebrities May One Day Regret

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19. Kelly Osbourne Head Tattoo

Kelly Osbourne Head Tattoo
Yes, Kelly Osbourne really is getting a tattoo in this photo. On her skull. But at least it matches her hair.

20. Cara Delevingne Tattoo

Cara Delevingne Tattoo
On whose body is this random "Bacon" tattoo? That of model Cara Delevingne, of course! We're not lion to ya.

21. Benji Madden Tattoo

Benji Madden Tattoo
How much does Benji Madden love Cameron Diaz? Enough to get a tattoo of his wife's name on his chest!

22. Demi Lovato Rose Tattoo

Demi Lovato Rose Tattoo
Are you down with Demi Lovato's new tattoo? It's of a giant rose and it's on her forearm.

23. Rihanna Isis Tattoo

Rihanna Isis Tattoo
Rihanna gets a giant tattoo of Isis - the goddess, not the terrorist faction - on her chest to honor her late grandmother. Will she live to regret it? Regardless of the Isis connotation ... this is one big ass tattoo right under her breasts.

24. Adam Levine Tattoo

Adam Levine Tattoo
This tattoo took six months to be completed. It is on Adam Levine's back. What do you think of it?

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