16 Humiliating Moments These Stars May Never Live Down

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Oops! Their hilarious bad!

Over the years, a number of big-time celebrities have found themselves in a number of compromising positions.

From their spray tans dripping down their legs at the wrong time to their lunch being lost on stage, here's a rundown of the most embarrassing moments in Hollywood history...

1. Mo Hair for Mo'Nique

Mo Hair for Mo'Nique
Mo'Nique made it a habit to NOT shave her legs for a very long time, as Golden Globe viewers learned first hand in 2010.

2. If It's Brown, She's Letting It Down

If It's Brown, She's Letting It Down
Performing at Etta James funeral in 2012, a brown liquid started dripping down the legs of Christina Aguilera. Apparently, it was some kind of a spray-tan malfunction.

3. Justin Bieber Vomits

Justin Bieber Vomits
We're all for seeing Justin Bieber's butt. But he's showing it off here because he's in the process of vomiting during a 2012 concert in Arizona.

4. Down Goes J. Law!

Down Goes J. Law!
Falling at the Oscars has sort of become Jennifer Lawrence's thing. But it all started when she walked up to accept an award in 2013.

5. Anne Hatha-WHOA!

Anne Hatha-WHOA!
We're only showing the top half of this photo, but trust us: Anne Hathaway totally flashed everyone upon leaving her car at the New York premiere of Les Miserables.

6. Saturday Night... Her Career is Dead

Saturday Night... Her Career is Dead
Ashlee Simpson very clearly lip synched while performing on Saturday Night Live in 2004. Her music career never recovered.

7. She'd Preferred to Have Vomited

She'd Preferred to Have Vomited
Back in 2005, Fergie peed in front of a large crowd. She later called it "the most unattractive moment of her life." Well, yeah.

8. Botched!

During one of Diddy’s parties in 2004, Tara Reid's dress somehow managed to slip pretty much all the way down, revealing her botched breast job to everyone with a camera.

9. What a Boob

Far be it for us to mock new motherhood in any way, but Kim Kardashian's lactacting breasts deserve a spot on this rundown. They just do.

10. A Tear-rible Situation

A Tear-rible Situation
Sofia Vergara suffered a wardrobe malfunction at the 2012 Emmys. We doubt any male in attendance minded very much.

11. First Pitch Fail!!!

There have been many terrible ceremonial first pitches over the years. But 50 Cent's failed effort will always reign supreme.

12. At Least He Practices Safe Sex

It shouldn't be embarrassing for people to see that you practice safe sex. But Zac Efron dropped a condom on the red carpet of a movie premiere!

13. Down Goes Madonna!

Yup, the Material Girl pulled a Jennifer Lawrence when she took a major tumble off the stage at the 2015 BRIT Awards.

14. Down Goes Perry!

Katy Perry fell off a Segway, on video, in the summer of 2015. (She also fell into a cake while performing at the MTV Latin America Awards in 2015.)

15. What's in a Name?

A lot, at least when you butcher said name as badly as John Travolta does here when introducing Idina Menzel at the Oscars.

16. Jumping for... Joy?

Tom Cruise would never admit his iconic Oprah couch jump brought him any shame. But we know better.

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