32 Hilariously Awesome Moments in News

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25. Erykah Badu Tries to Kiss Reporter

This was unexpected. Watch as singer Erykah Badu tries to kiss a reporter in New York during his live report.

26. Live News Report Features Exposed, Dangling Penis

WARNING: A man's penis is featured in this clip from Australia. This is how some rugby fans celebrate Down Under.

27. Dog Attacks Weatherman on Live TV

This weatherman is trying to do his news segment while holding on to the leash of a dog. It proves to be a very bad idea.

28. Reporter Slams Anchor as Fat... on Air!

What happens when a reporter doesn't realize her microphone is on and she refers to an anchor as fat? Watch this video to find out!

29. Anchor Shakes It Off, Gets Ignored by Fellow Anchor

News anchor Dan Thorn is shaking it off in this hilarious video. Much to the apparent irritation of his colleague.

30. Meteorologist Finds Hanger in His Suit

Hey, sometimes you forget that there's a hanger in your suit. Or at least this Meteorologist forgets it.

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