16 Celebrities Who Have Been Wasted on TV

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6. Diane Sawyer Drunk?

Was Diane Sawyer drunk on election night? Watch this video and you come to realize: It's not a crazy question!

7. Paula Deen: Drunk on Today?

Paula Deen appears here on The Today Show. She's acting a bit goofy, isn't she? Or maybe a bit drunk?

8. Sharon Osbourne: Drunk on Xtra Factor

Sharon Osbourne makes some moves on Simon Cowell in this video. She's clearly had a few drinks prior to this Xtra Factor taping.

9. Steve-O: Wasted on Too Late with Adam Carolla

Let there be no doubt about this one: Steve-O is most definitely drunk during this appearance with Adam Carolla.

10. Drunk Ben Affleck Hits on Interviewer

Ben Affleck uses a French accent and comments on the breasts of the interviewer in this VERY awkward interview.

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