16 and Pregnant Stars: Where Are They Now?

By Hilton Hater at


Evans needs no introduction. The Carolina Hurricane is about to welcome her third child by three different guys, and continues to be in and our of courtrooms battling for custody of the first two (and fighting off various other criminal charges). She has a LOT of issues, not the least of which is her taste in men. And her propensity for violence. We’ll just stop there.


As Houska's father Randy recently put it, she flies so far under the radar that MTV forgets about her. We wouldn’t say that - but only because her fans love and support her so much. Having recently married Cole De Boer, Chelsea is expecting her second child (and Cole’s first) within weeks. Add in adorable daughter Aubrey and they are the cutest family ever. Give it up for The Housk!


Portwood has been through hell and back (or at least prison). After accepting a five-year (!) sentence instead of drug court, she emerged from the state penitentiary sober and reformed in late 2013 after just 16 months behind bars. Controversy still follows her, though; Matt Baier, her fiance, has made headlines for being two decades Amber’s senior - and for a drug-addled past of his own in which he fathered between 7-9 kids (depending on who you believe).


Bookout has been as happy and controversy-free as any 16 & Pregnant alum, married to Taylor McKinney, with two additional kids on top of Bentley, her first with Ryan Edwards. Not only does their modern family set a positive example week in and week out, Ryan seems to have turned a corner in his own life too. Miracles do happen.


Abraham … ugh. Between the cringe-worthy plastic surgery, her erotic novel series, her frozen yogurt store, her endless parenting fails, the infinite wisdom that is her social media presence, oh, that hard core porn career, it’s hard to know where to start other than to call her the most infamous of all the show’s alumni. By far.


Catelynn Lowell married her high school sweetheart, Tyler Baltierra, and six years after they gave up their first child, Carly, for adoption on 16 & Pregnant, they welcomed a second daughter, Nova, who they are raising themselves. Cate has bravely and openly struggled with postpartum depression and other mental health issues.

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