15 Most Noteworthy Celebrities of 2015

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Some made us laugh.

Others made us sing.

Others made us stand up and cheer and a couple made us wonder how you can become so famous by just sharing pictures of yourself in lingerie.

Indeed, it's time to honor the 15 most noteworthy celebrities of 2015. Do you agree with this countdown?

15. Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer
She started the year as a fairly well known comedian with a moderately-rated show on Comedy Central. She ended it with the breakout comedy of the year (Trainwreck), by hosting Saturday Night Live, by hosting the MTV Movie Awards, by befriending Jennifer Lawrence and by sky-rocketing to A-List status.

14. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck
He received flak when the first photos of him as Batman leaked. And he received even more flak when rumors surfaced that he cheated on Jennifer Garner with the couple's nanny. Hey, we didn't say this lit was reserved for stars who had a good year.

13. Shonda Rhimes

Shonda Rhimes
No producer in TV history has ever been repsonsible for a network's entire night of programming. But ABC is thrilled to have viewers visit Shondaland every Thursday night. Aside from the Kardashians, it's conceivable that no single person causes Twitter to blow up on such a frequent basis as Rhimes does, thanks to Scandal, Grey's Anatomy and How to Get Away with Murder.

12. Tom Brady

Tom Brady
He won the Super Bowl (again) in February. He then defeated the NFL after it tried to suspend him over Deflategate. Oh, and he remains married to Gisele Bundchen. A winner in every phase of life.

11. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian
This is the lowest we've had Kardashian ranked since we started this end-of-the-year countdown. It was a relatively quiet year for her, mostly due to her pregnancy, but Kim still released her very own app and then ended 2015 in miraculous fashion: by giving birth! To a Saint!

10. Hollywood Divorce Attorneys

Hollywood Divorce Attorneys
From Ben and Jen to Blake and Miranda to Gwen and Gavin, famous marriages crumbled like crazy in 2015. We'd have to imagine divorce attorneys are still counting their cash as a result.

9. Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom
He didn't play any professional basketball games this year nor did he get back together with Khloe Kardashian. But he did fall unconscious inside a Las Vegas brothel, making gossip and news and sports headlines for months. Sadly, he remains a long way from full recovery.

8. Adele

How do you make this list after scarcely being relavant for about three-quarters of the year? When you release what may literally go down as the biggest single of all-time.

7. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber
Bieber did all he could to make headlines in 2015 for reasons that did NOT include drunk driving, fights with cameramen or generally irresponsible behavior. We think he mostly succeeded. He also released a new studio album and kept fans wondering about his love life every week.

6. Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner managed to pick up millions and millions of Instagram followers partly by taking off her clothes a lot, yes. But also by building an actual modeling career. She didn't have a real love interest in 2015 nor did she make a sex tape. She simply... worked. What a novel concept for a Kardashian or Jenner.

5. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner
Kim Kardashian... who?!? The 18-year old who has been very open in the past about wishing to follow in her sister's footsteps officially accomplished that feat in 2015. She made major headlines for dating Tyga and actually garnered more Instagram Likes than any member of her famous family.

4. Josh Duggar

Josh Duggar
Josh Duggar and his family members (approximately 19 of them... and counting) used to be a sort of circus act for viewers to marvel over on TLC every week. But then Duggar admitted in 2015 to molesting his sisters back when he was a teenager AND also to cheating on his wife via the website Ashley Madison. The circus act has gone from funny and interesting to tragic and disturbing.

3. Donald Trump

Donald Trump
Remember when he was just the egocentric host of Celebrity Apprentice with weird hair? He's now the egocentric top nominee for the Republican Presidential nomination... with weird hair.

2. Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner
Go ahead and call her opportunistic. Go ahead and say she made money off her gender transformation. Go ahead and choose to be cynical. All we know is that one of the most impressive athletes of the 20th centuries made the most startling announcement of the year and may have helped countless men and women around the world as a result. Bravo.

1. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift
Could anyone else be number-one? She won awards. She visited with sick fans. She donated to endless charities. She got serious with Calvin Harris. She sold out the year's most buzzed-about tour and made friends with pretty much every celebrity in Hollywood. The only question up for debate now is how anyone can possibly prevent her from repeating in 2016...

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