Farrah Abraham: Her Greatest Quotes of All Time

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7. Not a Real Friend, But ...

Farrah abraham pre fight

"If I'm the only one that's going to be honest and up front and give a real s--t about someone, I guess you can call me hateful, I'm horrible, I'm not a real friend, but I am a true friend." - Farrah on friendship

Not real. Just true. So true.

8. High Road? Taken.

Farrah vs amber

"Look, I don't make anyone run out there. I’m not going to play the high school game of 'let me beat your ass.' That's where [my co-stars] are and I respect where they are in their lives and their journeys but that's not how I'm conducting myself." - Farrah, in the wake of the reunion fight

This s--t is beneath her.

9. Better Off Alone!

Farrah abraham in a pink dress photo

"I have a better life without them in my life. Even though I'm much separate and apart from them, they keep including themselves and talking about me." - Abraham on her co-stars, without irony

She ain't got time for you haters.

10. From Rags to Riches

Farrah abraham is so hot

"I once saw a boy run a lemonade Stand on a corner. I opened my own and took all of his business and made the local news paper by being sweet & savvy! Plus I hired the neighbor kids to help me and started other local neighborhood businesses. I was once the cart girl at a grocery store starting at minimum wage and corperate America & had to apply 3 times before getting the job, then worked my way up the ladder to bag sacker, cashier, catering and food sampler. Today I've had my own products being sold in whole foods and grocery stores, selling out." - from her (hilariously real) LinkedIn page

An inspirational story.

11. Not About the Porn

Farrah freaks the f k out

It's not about porn. Porn, porn, porn, porn, porn. Because if I was really a porn person, then I would have a porn name. Like Candy Willow … I'm not in the porn industry. But I do have novelty items being produced that I've won an award for given my celebrity sex tape [sales].

It's NOT about porn okay?!

12. Different Styles of Parenting

Farrah abraham mom

I think there’s different parenting styles. At that time we really didn't [have a relationship] because of some abusive things that happened. My parents got put into jail ... [we] have such a different dynamic now. Not everyone's perfect. We do learn and we grow. - Farrah on her abusive past

We've all been there right?

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