13 Craziest Things Britney Spears Has Ever Done

By pauldailly at

Britney Spears has done a lot of crazy stuff throughout her lengthy career. 

No, we're not just talking about that time she shaved her head. 

Even before her very public meltdown, Spears did many things that had fans questioning what was really going on with her. 

We have a list of the craziest things she has ever done. 

1. I'm A Snake 4 U

Remember that time she performed with a live snake at the MTV VMAs back in 2001? So much could have went wrong, but we're thankful it all went okay.

2. A Chaotic Reality Show

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline featured in a terrible reality show about their relationship. Britney seemed uncomfortable the whole time and tried to make silly jokes. It lasted 5 episodes. It aired on The UPN, a now defunct network.

3. Baby on Board

Britney made headlines for carrying her son, Sean Preston, on her lap, while driving. She tried to justify it by blaming the paparazzi, but later owned up to the mistake.

4. See ya, Rehab!

Britney checked in and out of rehab twice in one week. That led to her shaving her head. She stormed into a Los Angeles salon and demanded to have her hair shaved off. When the owner refused, she shaved her own hair.

5. The Blame Game

Sean Preston once fell off his high chair, so Britney blamed the high char manufacturer.

6. Don't Take Pictures!

Britney once done the unthinkable. A photographer was harrassing her, so she ran over his foot. Yikes.

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