13 Craziest Bachelor Contestants of All-Time

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CRAZY ALERT! CRAZY ALERT! These contestants are the absolute craziest women to ever appear on The Bachelor.

1. Ashley Iaconetti

Ashley Iaconetti
Ashley Iaconetti claimed her friends called her "KardASHLEYian" because she resembles Kim. Crushed over not being chosen for the princess-themed one-on-one date, she before dressing up for it anyway, scaring the heck out of Chris Soules and also of viewers.

2. Kelsey Poe

Kelsey Poe
Kelsey Poe was a widow who tried to use that status as a way in to Chris Soules' heart. She likely faked a panic attack to get a rose and she once referred to her story (which involves a DEAD HUSBAND) as "amazing."

3. Ashley S.

Ashley S.
Ashley S. told Chris she loved him. A LOT. She also said the following: "Every person you meet is like an onion. You cut them, but when you cut them, you peel them back and what you do is you peel them back layer by layer. That to me is an onion...it's blooming. Take a look at the freakin' onion. Look at this onion. Seriously, I'm not even kidding. That's a freakin' onion. I swear it's an onion. Can I just please just pick it? If it's a pomegranate, then god bless it. It is a pomegranate. It is."

4. Rozlyn Papa

Rozlyn Papa
Rozlyn Papa was booted off the season that starred Jake Pavelka because she had an "inappropriat relationship" with a producer. She later accused Chris Harrison of flirting with that producer's wife.

5. Courtney Robertson

Courtney Robertson
Maybe the most competitive and naked contestant, Courtney Robertson actually won the heart of Ben Flajnik. Not that the relationship lasted, of course.

6. Stacey Elza

Stacey Elza
Stacey Elza stuffed underwear in star Matt Grant's pocket at the cocktail party. She then passed out prior to the rose ceremony in a spare bedroom. This all happened on the first night of filming.

7. Madison McKinley

Madison McKinley
Madison McKinley wore fangs on the first night in the house because she was such a big fan of vampires. For some reason, Brad Womack kept her around until she quit on her own.

8. Tierra LiCausi

Tierra LiCausi
Tierra LiCausi likely cried more than any contestant in history. She also went to the hospital after falling down some stairs.

9. Trish Schneider

Trish Schneider
Trish Schneider appeared on The Bachelor Season 5 and famously refused to leave after being eliminated. She later interrupted a date to hand Jesse Palmer her hotel room key.

10. Michelle

We don't even know her last name. But we do know this Season 12 suitor loves her cat. Upon getting the boot, she said: "I'm going to make sure she's OK. It's going to be great to have her purr again. And lay in my legs again. And to be with her again because she's the love of my life at the moment."

11. Erica Rose

Erica Rose
Erica Rose was self-proclaimed princess who competed for Prince Lorenzo Borghese's heart and who many thought was in it for the money. Her follow-up appearances on Bachelor Pad did nothing to dissuade this notion.

12. Michelle Money

Michelle Money
Michelle Money was never afraid to share her opinion on other's women vying for the affection of Brad Womack. She later became a fan favorite on Bachelor Pad and Bachelor in Paradise.

13. Vienna Girardi

Vienna Girardi
Nothing on TV may ever top her post-breakup interview with Jake Pavelka and Chris Harrison. Go find it online.

14. A Whole Lot of Crazy

A Whole Lot of Crazy
Think you want to be The Bachelor? Think you want to be surrounded by beautiful, desperate women? You may think again after meeting these former contestants...

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