12 Dogs Who Lay on a Guilt Trip Worse Than Your Mother-in-Law

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7. Where We Going??

Where We Going??
We are going to the dog park, right? Right?!? RIGHT?!?

8. Don't Leave Me!

Don't Leave Me!
You're leaving me behind? Really? Okay, don't feel bad or anything.

9. Oh, No, They're Coming Back!

Oh, No, They're Coming Back!
Uh-oh! You're coming back in already! I didn't make that mess, I swear!

10. Scrunchy Face Alert!

Scrunchy Face Alert!
I made this face and you still left?!? You're a monster!

11. An Adorable Obstacle

An Adorable Obstacle
Oh, you were thinking of driving someplace? Good luck with that.

12. Play with Me!

Play with Me!
I don't understand. How can you have anything better to do than play with this toy?

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