11 Signs You're a Parent

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7. Sweat Shop

Sweat Shop
You're still wearing the sweats you were wearing yesterday (and the day before). Bonus? You've figured out how to put those puppies to use.

8. Vacation

Grocery shopping alone feels like a vacation and grocery shopping with children should be an Olympic sport. You'd totally get a gold medal! Or bronze. Whichever.

9. Parents Say the Darnedest Things

Parents Say the Darnedest Things
Some things come out of your mouth and you have flashbacks to that one party at college and realize that toddlers are basically tiny drunk people.

10. Mom, Over Here!

Mom, Over Here!
Any time you hear the word "MOM!" shouted in your general direction in public, your head turns involuntarily. Then you realize it wasn't even your kid who yelled.

11. Relaxing? What's That?

Relaxing? What's That?
The only way this happens is if the kids are sleeping over at Grandma's house. And even then, you're probably just crashing. In your sweats.

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