11 Tiresome Internet Friends

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7. The Clean Eater

The Clean Eater
Eat fast food that isn't clean? NEVER! So basically the opposite of this picture.

8. The Anti-Monsanto Warrior

The Anti-Monsanto Warrior
Yes, GMOs are bad. Yes, something needs to be done. But this person is basically living on AIR at this point because EVERYTHING IS EVIL.

9. The Obama Hater

The Obama Hater
Any Fox News correspondant would work here, as would anyone who blames the President for everything from the global warming they don't think exists to their team losing the big game. Thanks, Obama.

10. The Dumb Friend

The Dumb Friend
They're hot, but so, so dumb. SO DUMB.

11. The Selfie Sharer

The Selfie Sharer
"Just had a great workout!" "Just scored a great deal at Neimann's!" "Just drove down the street!" And there's a selfie for all of them.

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