11 Puppies Who Could Be Cuter Than Ryan Gosling

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These puppies look a lot like Ryan Gosling. Are they cuter than the actor?

1. Ryan Gosling vs. Puppy

Ryan Gosling vs. Puppy
So, ladies, you tell us: Who is cuter, Ryan Gosling or a puppy?

2. Bruised Star, Dog

Bruised Star, Dog
It's Ryan Gosling versus a cute young dog. Who will come out on top?

3. Such cuties

Such cuties
It's Ryan Gosling! It's a puppy! It's the cutest tandem of photos you'll ever see!

4. Sheepish and Sexy

Sheepish and Sexy
Ryan Gosling and this dog both look rather sheepish in these photos. One looks rather sexy, as well.

5. You're both winners!

You're both winners!
And the award for cutest pictures on the Internet goes to...

6. Kisses all around!

Kisses all around!
Are you more jealous of the person kissing Ryan Gosling or this puppy?

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