33 Naughty Street Names

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7. Skunks Misery Rd.

Skunks Misery Rd.
You really don't wanna get a flat tire here.

8. Manlove St.

Manlove St.
We assume this is near Guylove Blvd.

9. Seaman Ave./Cumming St.

Seaman Ave./Cumming St.
There's no way the city planners didn't do this on purpose.

10. Dildo Lane

Dildo Lane
This one isn't located anywhere near Manlove St.

11. Shades of Death Dr.

Shades of Death Dr.
We never thought we'd wanna love on Skunks Misery Rd., but given the alternative...

12. Haviture Way

Haviture Way
We're pretty sure there's AT LEAST one Burger King here. Maybe even their headquarters.

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