11 Moments Kim Kardashian Wishes You'd Forget

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As it turns out, Kim Kardashian does not always love being in the news.

Not all publicity for this headline-generating reality star has been good publicity.

Like the time Kim Kardashian lent her name to a line of cupcakes... and the time Kim Kardashian actually had her own credit card.

1. Kim's Kupcakes

Kim's Kupcakes
Yes, Kardashian really did release her own line of cupcake mix in 2010 with the now-defunct brand Famous Cupcakes. One type was called "Va-Va-Va-Nilla," which is really pretty awesome. We're shocked this didn't strike it big.

2. The Kardashian Kard

The Kardashian Kard
This is what happens when alliteration goes too far. This prepaid debit card was slammed for its high fees and for the way it was marketed to young adults.

3. Kim Kan't Sing

It took a little while for Kim to understand her lane and to stay in it. It also took the release of this abysmal single.

4. She Tried to Act

She Tried to Act
Kim won a Razzie due to her performance in Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor. It's unclear whether Kardashian wants us to forget this more or Tyler Perry does.

5. She Played, and Lost, The Feud!

She Played, and Lost, The Feud!
In 2008, Kim and kompany competed on Celebrity Family Feud. They actually lost to Deion Sanders and his loved ones.

6. She Tried to Act, Vol. 2

She Tried to Act, Vol. 2
Kim stopped by an episode of CSI: NY as Debbie, a woman whose fiance is accused of murder. No, this storyline was not based on Kris Humphries.

7. A Silly Shill Job

A Silly Shill Job
In 2010, Kim shilled for Silly Bandz. She'll still put her name on almost anything, but nothing as embarrassing as this temporary trend.

8. A Total H8R

A Total H8R
Kim appeared on one of four ever episodes of H8R, this random reality show hosted by Mario Lopez in which celebrities met their “biggest haters.” Said Kim to her critic: "I one billion percent rep my Armenian community. Just because you've seen a few people who have been high-profile and black, I don't feel like it's really my responsibility to rep his culture when I don't know a lot about it."

9. Kim Kardashian Superstar

Kim Kardashian Superstar
Kim CLAIMS she wants you to forget her banging of Ray J on camera. But she continues to bring it up and she does owe her career to this amateur porn.

10. The Simple, Humiliating Life

The Simple, Humiliating Life
Way back when, Kim appeared on Paris Hilton's reality show and served as her assistant. For real!

11. She Tried to Act, Vol. 3

She Tried to Act, Vol. 3
One final time! Kim a character named Elle on a show called Beyond the Break in 2009. It was beyond awful.

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