10 Reasons Britney Spears Was Crying After the VMAs

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Britney finally returned to the VMA stage on August 28, 2016. 

Her previous performance in 2007 was met with much criticism, as the star practically stumbled all around at the time.

The problem here? Not Britney as much as Britney's timing.

See, she followed Beyonce on stage and no entertainer on Earth is really a match for Queen Bey these days.

Here is how Twitter responded to Britney's performance and why she was likely soaked in tears afterward:

1. Beyonce, Get Off MY Stage

Beyonce, Get Off MY Stage
Britney was given a tough act to follow by performing after Beyonce. Talk about throwing someone to the wolves. Poor Britney.

2. Fans Made Fun of Her

Fans Made Fun of Her
Britney didnt want to go to a Beyonce concert. She wanted Beyonce to go to her one.

3. I'm the Steak!

I'm the Steak!
Britney was no doubt in denial when she read the above tweet.

4. Bad Lip Sync Alert

Bad Lip Sync Alert
Britney is known for lip syncing her performances, but there were several instances during her comeback performance that her lips didn't move at the right time.

5. Ouff

Even Debra Messing weighed in on the performance.

6. An Ulterior Motive By MTV?

An Ulterior Motive By MTV?
Why would MTV even think of putting Britney after Beyonce?

7. Borat?

One fan seemed to think Britney looked a bit like Borat.

8. Over It

Over It
Some people are just over and think it's time for her to end her music career.

9. Fake Microphone

Fake Microphone
Some think she's had the same microphone for years. It's been fake all along.

10. Bad Sales

Bad Sales
Glory is tracking to sell just over 90k albums in its first week on release. That will mark a career low.

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