50 Hilarious Kid Notes

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43. Dear Google

Dear Google
Please give my dad some vacation time, this poor little girl implores!

44. Girl Apologizes for Rock Throwing

Girl Apologizes for Rock Throwing
This is how you apologize, folks. Read the note a little girl left a woman after she tossed rocks at her door.

45. Dollar Bill Note

Dollar Bill Note
A little girl found a one-dollar bill on the ground and left this note for its owner. Pretty awesome, huh?

46. Kid Laments Breakup on Postcard Home

Kid Laments Breakup on Postcard Home
This kid got dumped, for a sad reason, according to the postcard he sent home.

47. I Am God Note

I Am God Note
This kid likes to play football and build legos. He is GOD.

48. Adorable Toddler Note

Adorable Toddler Note
How adorable is this?!? A little girl pretended to be her dad in order to get to the bottom of a surprise for herself.

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