"Your face morphed Dark skin, dark bean. I don’t know who it was." - Dean to Guru Singh, after his "release"

"Not worthy, conflicted, confused, complicated." - Dean on Dean

"My love, little boy, caring and selfish, lost, smart and stupid." - Tori, in response to the question "Who is Dean?"

"Intelligent, immature, a baby, afraid of hurting feelings, afraid of hurting people, ill ... physically, amazing wife, amazing mom, full of love, amazing touch … the love of my life." - Dean, in response to the question "Who is Tori?" (Vom)

"It’s a love note from Dean to me, and I just read a love note from Dean to Mary Jo. How ironic is this?" - Tori, apparently mixing up the words "ironic" and "scripted"

"I was a weak, emasculated individual." - Dean on being married to Mary Jo

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"If that’s what he was looking for - a free ticket - it didn’t work out." - Tori in response to Mary Jo's claim that he was most attracted to Tori's money

"Our common denominator is Dean. It just makes sense that we’d want to talk about it." - Tori on her totally normal plan to meet up with Mary Jo Eustace

"Dean feels like the show is a mistake and it’s hurting our relationship, not helping it." - Tori, in the second biggest understatement in the history of human civilization

"I feel like I'm a little bit of a laughing stock." - Dean, in the biggest understatement in the history of human civilization

"She’s kind of the one person I want to talk about the affair with." - Tori, on Mary Jo, because obviously that's what she thinks is a good idea, without giving any consideration to her reality show

"I took a kitchen knife with me in my purse." - Tori, on the first time she met Mary Jo Eustace

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Tori Spelling with Four Kids at Lake Arrowhead
Tori Spelling is a bad actress that's desperate for attention. She annoys us by how she tries to stay in the news. Spelling is knocked up... More »
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