Who in the hell am I kidding? If this thing doesn't work out, I'll be back for I Love New York Season 3 through 13. And if it does work out, I'll be back for New York Goes to Hollywood, Part 2. I am not turning down a paycheck!

Each time America saw me on television, they just saw me looking for love. They didn’t see me seeking out my goals. Acting is my passion. It would take a close-minded person not to see past me looking for love. Hopefully people will follow me on my journey to becoming an actress.

The chain-smoking started to get to me physically. My heart was beating all over the place. I couldn’t catch my breath. I was up to a pack and a half a day. I guess it’s from an oral fixation

Oh my goodness, drama! I love drama! I just want to play this cracked-out, addicted mom or something. Something really crazy.

I was thinking about getting some lipo. But now I’m no a vigorous workout plan, I’m working out up to two hours a day, so I don’t need it. I’m a little engine right now.

I wanna make it as a certified actress.

I think love can work on television, in the laundromat, anywhere.

People get hooked. They want to see what's going to happen, who's going home. With some of the shows, you get to see people open up and be themselves.

Tiffany Pollard [on reality shows]

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Tiffany Pollard is also known as "New York." She was a contestant on Flavor of Love and then got her own spin off show, titled "I Love... More »
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