The thing about America in general is that people pass judgment so easily. But my deal with it is, getting naked around people I don't know is very scary.

I'm open-minded — I'm not the type of girl that's like 'oh my God, you should never be nude.'

Rachelle Leah [on posing for Playboy]

I didn't accept the offer until I asked my mother and father because I'm very close with them. I've got a very supportive family, so I'm really lucky that everyone is really proud of me.

Rachelle Leah [on posing for Playboy]

The only thing that is still a little weird is how little I wear in front of all those people live.

I've got this pair of rhinestone panties. It sounds uncomfortable, but I don't usually have them on for very long.

You just take it day by day. The fans are the people that make my career, and if it weren't for them, I wouldn't be here. So I'm grateful for it. If someone approaches me, of course I'll take the time to sign an autograph or take a picture. I think it's really cool.

I do whatever I enjoy. That's just what life's all about.

I got jumped in ninth grade. Ten girls started grabbing my hair and beating me. If those girls from ninth grade came back, I'd hold my own

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Rachelle Leah, Playboy
Rachelle Leah was an Octagon Girl for the UFC. In other words: she wears very little clothing and she holds up the cards signifying which... More »
San Carlos, California
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Rachelle Leah San Filippo