I don't live in the middle anymore. That's where you get embarrassed in front of the prom queen.

My success rate is 100 percent. Do the math.

I don't understand what I did wrong except live a life that everyone is jealous of.

There has been global speak regarding my tiger blood and yes it's real, it's as real as me.

You are no match for this warlock . My power will consume you every losing day ugly whore.

You picked a fight with a warlock you little worm, remember this after that first drink back. The drink you know you want. The drink you can't avoid any longer. How does it taste? How does it feel? Are you whole again, at peace, in love at peace in love?

I beg you all to stay glued for this raving wise, Gibson shredding napalm poet before you. Alone and unshackeld as the despreate cries of the soon forgotten echo freely in my lair.

Now that I have your lazy f***ing attention world, sit back and rejoice. For the Malibu Messiah, the Condor of Calabasas, the f***ing warlock of the jealous face that is before you.

Beggers beg. Winners win.

Sheen's Korner is already engraved into the pantheon of the movement.

Pain is a myth.

There's one side to me and it's gnarly.

Charlie Sheen Biography

What a Nut Job
Charlie Sheen was best known for a handful of movie roles and then for Two and a Half Men... and then he pretty much went crazy in the... More »
Full Name
Carlos Irwin Estevez