When you're among 200 kids and teaching the game of baseball it gives you an amazing feeling, just that you may inspire kids to reach their goals, whether it's baseball or whatever their goals might be.

You have to have a sense of humor when it comes to [gossip].

I've been to two [of Madonna's] concerts, yet I've read that I went to 20. I've also read that we were buying an apartment together. That is absolutely ridiculous and not true."

Times are a bit difficult. But I've been through tougher times. I'll get through them. And the support of the New York fans is incredible.

She's my f--king soulmate, dude.

Alex Rodriguez [on Madonna, allegedly]

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Cynthia Rodriguez: F-Rod!
Alex Rodriguez is the New York Yankees third baseman. He is by all accounts a superstar slugger. He is also very rich. And he is... More »
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