He is friends with Brody again. He just needs to come in my direction!

Stephanie Pratt [on Spencer Pratt]

I think that Lauren and I have been making a sincere effort to reach out to her.

Lauren Bosworth [on Audrina Patridge]

The thought of [my own] reality show sounds scary because I’ve always tried to keep things a little bit private. I just have to take everything day by day!

Whitney Port

My hustle is just too crazy. I’m trying to take over the world!

Spencer Pratt

Once you are married, you're married.

Audrina Patridge

I plan to win an Oscar. I’m very ambitious.

Heidi Montag

Heidi read me biblical passages like 'Honor thy wife.'

Spencer Pratt

I think that’s what they’re going through but it gets magnified times a million on television. I think they’re just having normal roommate drama and it’ll all mend itself.

Whitney Port [on Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge]

I am not an attention whore. I’m not going to release naked photos of myself just to get attention. I’d rather get different attention and be respected.

Audrina Patridge

I love Audrina. We have our differences and we're not great friends, but I don't hate her.

Lauren Bosworth

You fight, you make up, you get along…obviously we are going to have problems, but we are still friends and we love each other.

Lauren Conrad [on relationship with Audrina Patridge]

It's disheartening to see me turn into such a bad guy on the show.

Lauren Bosworth