I love to read everything, from current events to celebrities and enjoy singing. I have adapted to the outdoor heat (live in Florida) by swimming & sun-tanning. I take great pleasure in providing & loving all 10 animals of mine. 7 cats, who were all strays that came my way, 2 very old dogs; 16 & 14 years old (both strays) & a bird. I also love photography.

I am compassionate, honest and want to be treated the way everyone wants to be treated; with respect.

I live for One and that is my Lord God, Jesus. He is my everything; my entire world. And because of my faith, God has continued to insure the most perfect outcome to every occurrence (tribulation), that I come across. His love and His blessings towards me are perpetual.

My motto is try God, the devil will always take you back, lol. For I can honestly say, since I have handed my life over to God, I have never been happier or more fulfilled, in my entire life. I am truly happy happy now and content in my life - What an awesome God, Our Lord truly is :)

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