Taylor elizebeth


      Heyy, i love to just hang out with my friends and listen to music.Im sombody who does not put up with peoples crap.I hate it when other people pick on my friends that makes me so pissed off!But i mean im a nice person if you do not get on my badf side cuz once you on my bad side you always stay there:]haha.My bestfriend is a girl named meghan i love her shes like a sis to me.My guy bestfriend is a guy named Trey.We joke around a lot and do things that would make eachother mad at eachother but at the end of the day we are always there for eachother, he wont let nobody talk crap bout me:]I love to play basketball:)


    About my school i have straight b's hahas:]Im in band:)This year for my school im am trying out for basketball:]i go to owkwood middle school.Im in grade 7!



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