Zac Efron: Vanessa Hudgens is Neat

Zac Efron realized a few weeks ago that girls don't have cooties.

Even since then, he says the on-screen chemistry between himself and Vanessa Hudgens has been going as strong as the popularity of their show, High School Musical.

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Inside the World of Celebrity News, Photos & Gossip

The New York Times took an in-depth look into the world of celebrity news and gossip, a universe that is expanding beyond what anyone expected... and perhaps beyond reason. Here's the article ...

RUMOR HAS IT that Ava Gardner used to pull up loose skin on her face with hooks, and stuff it under a wig. Marilyn Monroe's scalp was reportedly visible to intimates, shining from the scalding bleach she used. She was also, legend has it, going bald.

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Paris Hilton to Make a New CD

Here's is music to the ears of Brooke Hogan: soon, she may no longer be the worst singer on the market.

That's because Paris Hilton, who spent 23 days in Los Angeles County Jail after violating probation for an alcohol-related driving conviction, recently said: "I'm already working on my new record."

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