Rumor of the Day: Spencer Pratt Sex Tape Circulating?

Rumor of the Day: Spencer Pratt Sex Tape Circulating?

In a twist that could only happen in the universe of The Hills, Spencer Pratt, long-accused of spreading rumors about a Lauren Conrad sex tape, now finds himself the subject of sex tape rumors ... involving himself.

A recent National Enquirer report claims Spencer Pratt is shopping footage of himself and some pals hooking up with a bevy of Brazilian women (before he met fiance Heidi Montag) and wants it released on the sly.

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Bruce Jenner Loves The Hills, Lauren Conrad

Bruce Jenner Loves The Hills, Lauren Conrad

With Brody Jenner and Lauren Conrad considering rekindling a relationship on The Hills, LC is already getting the go-ahead - from Jenner's dad, Bruce.

At a recent celebrity golf event hosted by the Entertainment Industry Foundation, Bruce Jenner told People, "I wouldn't watch the show probably if it wasn't for Brody. But I try to get in as many episodes as I possibly can."

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What the Puck: NHL Stars Chase Celebrity Tail Too!

What the Puck: NHL Stars Chase Celebrity Tail Too!

Forget about Tony Romo, Matt Leinart and Tom Brady for a second.

Lost in the NFL quarterbacks' quest to dominate celebrity gossip headlines are the efforts of more than a few past and present NHL stars to slip one between the pads (if you know what we mean!) of certain celebrities.

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The Hollywood Gossip Asks: Who is Jennifer Walcott?

From Playboy to The Best Damn Sports Show Period, Jennifer Walcott has come a long way.

The model, who has appeared off and on for years in the pages of Hugh Hefner's publication, has ridden her looks into a career that now spans movies (such as American Summer) and television (as the host of Wild On).

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Amy Fisher Sues Company Over Sex Tape Leak

Amy Fisher nude and mid-coital was something filmed "in private" the Long Island Lolita claims, having filed a lawsuit against a company preparing to release a sex tape featuring her and her husband.

TMZ has obtained the lawsuit filed by Fisher in New York Federal Court, stating that her then estranged hubby, Louis Bellera, had no right to sell the private home videos to Red Light District.

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Heather Thompson Chosen as Diddy's New Assistant

While Tyra Banks focuses on the vagina, Oprah Winfrey is focusing on YouTube.

The talk show queen kicked off her YouTube channel with a show dedicated to that website yesterday - and, for some reason, a major part of it was centered around Sean Combs choosing a new assistant.

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