Britney Spears' Mansion For Sale... Again

Britney Spears' Mansion For Sale... Again

Apparently, Britney Spears is looking to turn over a new leaf. To make a new start.

Right, and The Hollywood Gossip is looking to quit writing about The Hills, embattled beauty queens, celebrity babies and random D-list "stars" who put out (then put out sex tapes).

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T.H. Gossip Presents: A Celebrity Dog Photo Finish

To some celebs, such as Kim Kardashian, Olivia Mojica and Paris Hilton, doggy style is just something you do to kill time... and make some money off sex tape sales.

To others (fortunately), it's more about fun, companionship and cuteness. Not to mention a fashionable accessory. Truly, little dogs are all the rage in Hollywood these days.

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The Hollywood Gossip Quiz: Name That Celebrity

The Hollywood Gossip Quiz: Name That Celebrity

Yesterday, we brought you a fun quiz, courtesy of a fellow celebrity news site, in which you had to identify a seriously f-i-n-e celebrity piece of ass. Literally.

If you haven't tested your skillz on that one yet, follow the fine ass link. We won't spoil the results by telling you who those seriously ultry buns belong to.

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Pageant Officials: Let Amy Polumbo Reign!

While the details of allegedly racy Amy Polumbo photos are still unknown, Miss New Jersey pageant officials are giving the green light to the reign of this beauty queen.

Three of the pageant's five board members told The New York Post yesterday they've examined secretly mailed pictures of Polumbo (taken from and sent by a group calling itself "The Committee to Save Miss America") and don't believe they're offensive.

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