Paris Hilton to Make a New CD

Here's is music to the ears of Brooke Hogan: soon, she may no longer be the worst singer on the market.

That's because Paris Hilton, who spent 23 days in Los Angeles County Jail after violating probation for an alcohol-related driving conviction, recently said: "I'm already working on my new record."

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Antonella Barba Speaks on Amy Polumbo, Nude Photos

Antonella Barba nude photos caused an uproar on American Idol. So, if there's anyone who knows what Amy Polumbo has gone through, it's this fellow New Jersey beauty.

The former American Idol sixth-season semifinalist has decided to offer some advice to her fellow Garden Stater. And, like someone might tell Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo nude the next time they wanna get it on in a hot tub, the general refrain is this: don't.

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