Taylor Momsen Turns Heads at School Dance

Taylor Momsen Turns Heads at School Dance

She may be overshadowed by her older brother and by snobby girls on TV, but Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen was certainly the center of attention when she unexpectedly showed up at her school's most recent homecoming dance.

The Hollywood Gossip Note: Taylor Momsen is 14 years old. That is four years younger than Hayden Panettiere, and six and seven years younger, respectively, than her co-stars Blake Lively and Leighton Meester. Just saying.

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K-Fed Draggin' Britney Back to Court Again, Yo

Inspired by recent events of lunacy, Kevin Federline and his attorney are once again dragging the great Britney Spears back into court for an emergency custody hearing, a session which will take place on Friday in L.A. Superior Court.

Spears' attorney, Anne Kiley, confirmed to Us Weekly that Kevin Federline's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, has requested a hearing to address Spears' running of a red light with her two kids in the back seat on November 8.

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The Britney Spears Retirement Plan

In case you missed it, some bombshell news came out of the personal finance world last week, Money Magazine reports. No, not the Federal Reserve's prime interest rate cut or the record-breaking price of crude oil nearing $100 a barrel.

We're talking about Britney Spears. Girl isn't saving for retirement!

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Chelsy Davy Dealing with Prince Harry Break-Up

Chelsy Davy Dealing with Prince Harry Break-Up

What caused the split between Chelsy Davy and Prince Harry?

According to entertainment news reporters in Great Britian, Davy dumped Harry after she found text messages to another woman on his cell phone. However, the pair have been in touch with each other the past few days.

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Tom Brady Visits John Edward Thomas Moynahan

Tom Brady Visits John Edward Thomas Moynahan

With the New England Patriots enjoying their bye week, Tom Brady hung out on both U.S. coasts, finding some quality time for fatherly activities in Los Angeles, where his ex-girlfriend and mother of his son, Bridget Moynahan, resides.

But if you're looking for drama in SoCal, you'd better stick to The Hills. The Pats' quarterback spent most of the time in L.A. laying low with three-month-old John Edward Thomas Moynahan. Although he did get down and dirty at times.

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Mary-Kate Olsen & Stavros Niarchos: Running it Back?

Mary-Kate Olsen & Stavros Niarchos: Running it Back?

If Sean Avery has gone back to Lake Bell, one can't blame Mary-Kate Olsen from taking out her anger at the hockey star by pucking around with an ex of her own.

Perez Hilton is reporting that Mary-Kate Olsen was getting very "friendly" with ex-boyfriend Stavros Niarchos at Hyde on Monday night. Oh, snap, Sean!

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The Hills Recap: Heidi & Lauren Meet, Bicker at Last

Last night on The Hills, the main subject matter was - take a wild guess - the Lauren Conrad sex tape rumors! Amazing! Who would have thought.

This time, though, Lauren and Heidi finally had it out - face-to-face and IM-to-IM - over the rumors Heidi and Spencer Pratt allegedly started about the (most likely non-existent) tape featuring Lauren having sex with Jason Wahler.

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